You can send your manuscript in the following topics but not limited to

Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineering
Information Technology
Agricultural Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Intelligent Engineering Informatics
Automobile Engineering
Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining
Biological & Biosystem Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Marine Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials Engineering
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Collaborative Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Communication Engineering
Complexity in Applied Science and Engineering
Mining Engineering
Computational Science and Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Computer Aided Engineering and Technology
Petroleum Engineering
Computer Applications in Technology
Process Systems Engineering
Computer Engineering
Production Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Remote Monitoring
Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning
Sensor Network
Control Theory Engineering
Soft-computing and Engineering Education
Data Mining and Bioinformatics Engineering
Software Engineering
Design Engineering
Strategic Engineering Asset Management
Electrical Engineering
Structural Engineering.
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Textile Engineering
Embedded Systems
Transportation Engineering
Engineering Management and Economics
Forensic Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Information Systems and Management